New Age Books & Tools

Want to learn more about past lives and future possibilities? Gypsies selection of unusual books is sure to interest you. Featuring titles by popular authors such as Sylvia Brown, John Edward & Scott Cunningham, a trip to Gypsies book room is a page-turning adventure you won't want to miss.

  • Palm, astrology, tarot, numerology, runes
  • Dream interpretation, pendulums, divination .
  • Chakras, aura colors and other energy-based topics.
  • Angels, God, Jesus, spirituality
  • Kaballah, Wicca, Zen, Buddahism
  • Mind-power, healing, relationships
  • Health & beauty, yoga, herbs
  • And more!

Our Book Room Also Features:

  • Angel, oracle and Tarot cards.
  • Native American Books & Herbs
tarot cards
Fortune-Telling Tools --
Gypsies has the area's largest selection of fun fortune-telling tools, including a wide array of Tarot cards, pendulums, tea-leaf reading cups, crystals, and other divination tools.


metaphysical books

Metaphysical Books Galore. Our book room is a great place to feast on age-old wisdom and new-age ideas.



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